installing vmware-tools in Ubuntu-6.06?

Mike Leone turgon at
Tue Jan 16 19:57:46 GMT 2007

I have Ubuntu 6.06 LTS installed as a VMware guest on my VMware server. And
I'm trying to install the VMware tools. They give you an RPM or a gzipped
source. So I unzipped the source, and ran the perl script. It said it
couldn't recognize my kernel or distribution (even though I saw it unpack
files with ubuntu in the name; I presume my kernel is a slightly later
version of what they expect). The script offers to manually build the
modules (kernel modules, from the look of it). So I download the kernel
sources for it to find. Then it complains that it can't find the version.h
file in the kernel source, which usually means that I haven't built the
kernel myself.

Correct; I haven't. And I don't want to, if I don't have to.

So my question - has anyone gotten the vmware-tools to install in Ubuntu
6.06 LTS? If so, what did you have to do? 

These are customized mouse and other drivers, which make response times much
quicker in the VMware session. You can run without them, but it's not

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