Running Gnome app across the LAN from Windows

JJL buggerone at
Tue Jan 16 16:38:22 GMT 2007


2007/1/16, Mike Leone <turgon at>:
> Since we already use UltraVNC to control Windows boxes, it's easier to
> just
> install one copy of VNC on the Ubuntu box, than go through a complicated
> configuration of x.cygwin on multiple windows boxes, which I didn't want
> to
> do (and x.cygwin doesn't look to have been updated in well over a year,
> anyway - "We are currently searching for a new maintainer and developers.
> 2005-08-23" ).

If you're afraid of Cygwin/X (I am) you can take a look at Xming
A XWindow server for windows, smaller and much more easy to
install/configure than Cygwin/X
And it's maintained


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