OOo and smb

Bry Paula Melvin brymelvin at
Mon Jan 15 15:29:41 GMT 2007

On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 14:48 +0200, O. Sinclair wrote:

> > I am close but really need to solve this soon...
> > 
> Well sorry Mike but I have exhausted my own tips/knowledge about this 
> issue. I hope someone else can help you out! Or search 
> / for a solution.
> Sinclair

OK on my shop network (graphics shop) I have any number of files/apps
that won;t open accross the network in the manner you are doing things.

What has worked for me in some cases is putting applications AND homes
in the same computer. this could be an application server setup OR if a
login.  Not sure what would be available to do this. Exactly...just that
your batting your head against the wall. Maybe a server setup
application server/home  Or logging INTO the computer containing homes
and apps  (server client approach) is going to be more productive .

Just a thought. I use this approach but am using macs and linux pcs, not
windows so I couldn't give instructions. Ex I'm using Coreldraw for
windows on a ppc mac via x and xdcmp.

IOW how about a server, thin client solution. shared files AND apps.


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