Edgy/MySQL hell

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Jan 9 21:22:03 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 09 January 2007 15:05, Daniel Axtell wrote:
> >>  I've never had this much difficulty running MySQL on many different
> >> Linux distributions, so I'm concluding Edgy just isn't fit for work. 
> >> Does anyone know of any workarounds?
>>How do you expect help with that kind of attitude?

Unforch, your reply was below the commonly accepted marker for .sig 
attachments, (a dash dash space) so it is not included in this reply 
until I copy & paste it:

>Oh, I didn't realize that spending hours struggling to get the most 
>popular open source database working on a stock installation was 
>supposed to make me prefer Kubuntu to every other distribution I've 
>tried or used over the years (Mandrake, Cent OS, Red Hat) which have 
>never had this problem.  How silly of me, guess I forgot to drink the 
> The Edgy desktop looks and runs great.  Not being able to use my machine 
>for work kind of undercuts the thrill.
> Let's see what OpenSUSE can do.

The flavor of the Koolaid has nothing to do with it IMO.  So if the 
distro, any distro, has a problem with what you are trying to do, then 
its the distro who should fix it.  But they only can fix it with concrete 
facts and bug reports, which your rant certainly isn't.  Coming in here 
like a Roman Emperor ready to call the guards and make heads roll just 
because it doesn't work OOTB is considered very poor form and will get 
you buzz off replies, everytime, on ANY distro's mailing list.

Bear in mind that MySQL recently changed the license, potentially making 
it incompatible with a truly opensource distribution, so you may want to 
take a look at postgreSQL which in my observations seems to be the more 
capable SQL of the two.  We have looked at both for various duties around 
the tv station several times since starting to do things with linux in 
1997 and have chosen postgreSQL everytime.

And I for one, will never trust the Koolaid openSUSE serves, its tainted 
beyond recovery with microsoft seasonings now.

Cheers, Gene
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