search widget in konqueror

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Jan 4 15:29:22 GMT 2007

Art Alexion wrote:

> I've been meaning to ask this question, but keep forgetting.
> When I upgraded from breezy to dapper, the search widget disappeared from
> the location toolbar, and I can't find anywhere to re-enable it.
> I realize that, by default, if I enter a few search terms separated by
> spaces in the regular location field, that konqueror will search google
> for them, but with the specialized widget, a la firefox, I had additional
> search tools enabled in the drop-down.
> I also know that I can use web shortcuts, like gg:/ in the location bar,
> but I
> don't want to configure and remember them.  I want my search widget back!
> Please help.

I'm afraid I have no help for you - I lost mine too until I did a fresh Edgy
install just before Christmas.  Even then, the darn thing won't show if I'm
browsing a directory, only a URL.  Dammit!  I like my konqueror windows to
stay the same, I don't _want_ to see a difference between browsing the
local filesystem and a remote web page.

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