DNS Serving form desktop

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Jan 3 15:13:02 GMT 2007

Peter Gort wrote:

> Hi Bryann,
> Oh how I wish it were that simple.
> For work reasons (this is not optional I have to do this) I am
> running a Mac OS X Server as a development server in my little home/
> office network.  There is no choice in the matter of DNS, it has to
> have it. Lots of services break if it doesn't have a DNS server
> separate from itself.  "A" & "PTR" records are compulsory, and MX
> record as well if I choose to run the mail server (which I sometimes
> need to do when testing something I've written).

That sounds as if you might be better off just using a simple router.  Most
routers have DNS built in - forwarding to the Internet if they're connected
to it, but capable of serving up a local domain, too.

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