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Thu Jan 4 14:06:26 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 08:36, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Art Alexion wrote:
> > If you have a registered copy of Nero windows, download NeroLinux.  It is
> > not open source, not free, and has a very clunky interface, but I have
> > found that it does things well that k3b refuses to do.
> Don't tease us Art!  Can you give some examples (I'm far from a k3b power
> user, but it's always worked well for me).

For me, k3b has refused to burn certain video DVDs.  Nero burns them without 
complaint.  I have yet to figure out what it is about the particular DVDs 
that gives k3b a problem.  The symptoms are that as soon as you click OK in 
the burn dialog, the first message is something like "Error! Can't determine 
ISO size." and then it aborts.  The DVDs that I have then burnt using Nero 
(which makes no such complaint) play fine.  As a note, I use dvdauthor and 
qdvdauthor to create the DVD structures.  However, the video sources from the 
problem DVDs come various unknown sources (I collect Jazz performances from 
European and Japanese TV).  This does not seem to be a PAL vs. NSTC problem, 
nor a full vs. wide screen problem.

BTW anything interesting is very hard to do with dvdauthor, and although 
qdvdauthor helps simplify this, it is very, very buggy.  I can't wait to get 
decent DVD authoring tools for Linux.


Art Alexion

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