The kubuntu annoyance

Ali Milis almilis at
Thu Jan 4 01:00:54 GMT 2007


> What it appears to show is that grub can't find a partition to install on.
> Now that is certainly an error, but that doesn't mean it's a generic "can
> not install Grub...".  You casually dismissed the most likely scenario.  If
> you can fix it by creating /dev/i2o nodes, then it probably _is_ a matter
> of not having i2o in the initrd image.

ZCZC Perhaps...

Previously, what I did was trying to install kubuntu 5.10.
In the past, that version never had installation problems.
But, recently I tried to install 5.10 after failing to install
6.10 (grub problem), I received a same grub error message.
Therefore, I suspected that there is a problem with the
grub code that is in the disk partition.

Like I wrote before, I solve this problem by reinstalling
grub after emergency boot (from CD-ROM).


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