The kubuntu annoyance

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Jan 3 14:42:33 GMT 2007

Ali Milis wrote:

>>> 3. Can not install Grub on previous Grub installation
>>> We have to clean the previous grub first before we can
>>> do a clean installation.
>> Without any details, this is just a rant.  Why not start 3 threads, with
>> each of these problems, and give us a detailed explanation of your
>> problems?
> Because I do not expect that *ubuntu will be as reliable as Debian
> anymore. 

Ah.  So it is just a rant.

> PS:

What it appears to show is that grub can't find a partition to install on. 
Now that is certainly an error, but that doesn't mean it's a generic "can
not install Grub...".  You casually dismissed the most likely scenario.  If
you can fix it by creating /dev/i2o nodes, then it probably _is_ a matter
of not having i2o in the initrd image.

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