Automattix2 problems

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Jan 1 20:36:10 GMT 2007

Patrick Vossen wrote:

> I did an additional system update to Edgy and lost my sound.
> To make a long story short I couldn't remedy it after a
> few suggested solutions. That being the case I attempted
> to reformat and install Ubuntu again. It didn't work. 

No surprise.  Sorry, but Automatix is _known_ not to play well with Ubuntu.

> after I had to cancel. I did a dkpackage -a fix. But,


> I think I have two options. Reinstall 
> Kubuntu, or alter my sources.list which I've done before,
> but wanted to avoid. What does anyone have for alternate
> suggestions?
You've b0rked apt by using automatix, so you need to fix it by removing

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