Very annoying kontact

Jim MacLeod snap.dragon at
Tue Feb 27 17:14:38 UTC 2007

Alain Muls wrote:

> Hi,
> I once tried out kontact but soonfaoiun dout that I preferred using
> kmail/korganizer as stand alone application. But since I used kontact I am
> no longer to separately launch korganizer or to have the kalermdaemon open
> up the korganizer application. I tried many things, remove kontact, remove
> kontactrc, remove korganizerrc etc but in vain, kontact will not let go
> off the korganizer application. How to solve this?

Purge kontact to remove it completely, and if needed, re-install
kmail ,korganizer etc.

However kmail etc will not appear in the menu without kontact so...
copy the relevant .desktop files from /usr/share/kde/applications into
~/.local/share/applications. Then, in ~/etc edit each file and delete the
last line which reads NoDisplay=true. This will then put kmail, korganizer
etc back into your main menu.


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