video projector working with my laptop (asus z71v) under 6.06

Simon Edwards simon at
Mon Feb 26 19:40:31 UTC 2007


Christophe Guilbert wrote:
> I am trying to make ma laptop working a video projector (or CRT monitor 
> ) on my laptop (asus z71v) under 6.06.
> it has a Nvidia video card and I am using nvidia driver (thought automatix).
> I am totally confuse and it a mess now , I use any kind of options under 
> kubuntu , any xorg.conf config I could ... reboot my laptop thousands 
> times. I had limited success and never reproducible !!!
> it way a too long boring story to be post here.
> Anyway I would like to know how you guys handle this situation , maybe 
> someone can give me his xorg.conf that deal with the laptop LCD and 
> external CRT monitor ?
> Should I use Kubuntu -> System panel -> display to setup xorg.conf , 
> even if the nvidia driver is proprietary ?

You should be able to set it up in system-settings. One important thing 
to note is that once you have told it to use 2 monitors and it says to 
restart X, make sure that the external monitor is connected and turned 
on when you restart X via the login dialog. Otherwise the Xorg will look 
for an external monitor, not find one, and then just disable it again 
leaving you with one screen.

Hotplugging monitors sucks on Linux right now. But there is hope. In the 
next year or so, this kind of hotplugging should work fine out of the 
box in Xorg 7.3, maybe 7.4.

/me waves hand.


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