Derek Broughton news at
Thu Feb 22 13:21:13 UTC 2007

J. Stewart Schneider wrote:

> I used the modeline calculator to calculate a modeline for 1280x1024.
> Yaaaaa! Why is this so hard? What am I doing wrong? Xorg.0.log contains
> some warnings, to wit:
> (WW) I810(0): Bad V_BIOS checksum
> (WW) I810(0): Extended BIOS function 0x5f11 not supported.
> (WW) I810(0): Bad V_BIOS checksum
> (WW) I810(0): config file hsync range 28-33kHz not within DDC hsync range
> 30-70kHz
> (WW) I810(0): config file vrefresh range 43-72Hz not within DDC vrefresh
> range 50-160Hz

What modeline calculator?

If it won't do this for you automagically, it's only a standard ratio LCD,
it can't be that hard.

> These are followed by a great number of screen resolutions of this form:
> *(WW) (1280x1024 at 75,SYS-172L) mode clock 135MHz exceeds DDC maximum 110MHz

Throw all of those away. It's an LCD, it'll work at 60Hz.  For now, you want
it to work with one modeline.

Comment out anything that isn't 1280x1024.  All those "not within DDC ..."
messages are specifically saying that you have modelines specified that
aren't valid for the hardware.

 gtf 1280 1024 60

Insert that modeline, and comment out anything else.

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