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Scott Abbey scott at
Tue Feb 20 16:48:37 UTC 2007

On Monday 19 February 2007 23:13:38 Gene Heskett wrote:
> Not always, and of course it depends on the language his GPS can deliver.
> Often a common protocol can be discovered.  I for instance am running
> Roadnav on my laptop, capturing data from a very elderly Garmin 12.  Its
> realtime only but it works fairly well, with the biggest errors actually
> being in the reference maps that roadnav downloads from some free site.
> It says my house is about 450 feet east of where it actually is on
> average.

Most Delorme receivers (and most GPS receivers in general) use the standard 
NMEA protocol to communicate. For some reason, Delorme uses a proprietary 
command set to initiate the GPS acquisition. For instance, on my TripMate, 
after connecting to the GPS's serial port using gpsd, I have to manually 
telnet to the local machine and send the string "ASTRAL" to the GPS for it to 
begin its acquisition. Once it is started, the data stream is standard NMEA. 
This function is built into Delorme's software, but no other software 
(Windows or otherwise) has supported it to my knowledge.

I have tried on several occasions to get the Delorme software running under 
Wine. The best I have been able to accomplish is getting the interface 
running, but without any maps. It was enough to make me think that more 
functional use is possible, but I haven't had the patience to work with it 
further. I was only able to see a blank white display where the maps would 
normally be. I've finally just resigned myself to running it in a VMWare 
instance, where it connects to the TripMate, or any other GPS device without 

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