DeLorme GPS

grumpypenguin grumpypenguin at
Thu Feb 22 23:21:33 UTC 2007

On Monday 19 February 2007 11:47, Chris wrote:
> Heya All,
> My boss is thinking of installing Kubuntu on his laptop (hooray for my
> second conversion) but he is
>  wondering how he could go about using his DeLorme GPS device with it. He
> is a big fan of the
> DeLorme repos, in that they are a very detailed map repository. I have seen
> a couple ways to use
> the actual GPS device with different linux programs, but I was wondering if
> it is possible to get the
> actual DeLorme software installed, say with Wine? I have used Wine to run
> programs from my
> Windows partition before, but never in this fashion. I've heard of it being
> done before, but I would
> need a little assistance.
i Just received the GPS unit[ViaMichelin X-930 via UPS at only $200.00 ea and 
maps by Michelin it ain't worth it trying to make a Garmin unit run Linux
> Any ideas?
> Chris

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