Problems with video output

Ronal B Morse rbmorse at
Sun Feb 18 03:16:13 UTC 2007

I'm playing with the Feisty pre-releases.  The ATI fglrx 8.33.6 driver 
and control panel showed up in repository roughly coincident with the 
push of the 2.6.20-8 kernel and associated files.  The expectation is 
now that X-Org 7.2 has been released it will follow shortly. 

The fglrx drivers still do not support composit rendering, but I have to 
say that installing the 8.33.06 driver set from repository resulted in 
a flawless install that has been no trouble at all. 

I believe there is a slight performance improvement, but the real 
advance has been in the robustness of the video subsystem. X simply 
doesn't crash. 

Ron Morse

On Saturday 17 February 2007 05:46:46 pm Larry Hartman wrote:
> I recompiled the ATI 8.32.5 driver for the Linux 2.16.17-11-386
> kernel and my video display returned to normal use.  I have seen
> folks on the Ubuntu forums that appear to have problems with the ATI
> 8.33 driver.  I don't yet know if these issues refer to individual
> cases or is broadly platform dependent. When I get more time to read
> up on these threads I will determine whether or not to go the latest
> version.
> Larry

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