Yet another kmail mystery

Lantiero Zenesi lanzenesi at
Sat Feb 17 14:13:56 UTC 2007

On  17 feb 2007, Donn wrote:

> > BTW, I've notice you're sendind from Knode. Could that make the
> > difference, I wonder...
> How would I join this list via knode? Gmane?
> And yes, knode would make a difference because that's a usenet thing vs an
> email thing.

I haven't seen this mail from Donn in the mailing list, though he did put a 
correct *To:* address and I only got it thanks to him ccing me. Did you see 

If you didn't, this is even worse than what we were talking about and I 
wouldn't think it should be blamed on gmail. Or not?

Again, in short, in all I got 3 mails via cc: from Donn but no a sigle one has 
appeare un my ml's mailbox.

BTW I'm sending this through gmail's 587 SMTP port.


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