intro and grub question

Tim M southern.tim at
Thu Feb 15 21:03:38 UTC 2007

Okay, NO I didn't not know that or didn't fully understand it. So, I have
the machine I set up in Ubuntu how do I go about switching between Gnome and
KDE? I guess I could research it a little. Actually what I was trying to do
is get a little more experience with  Linux, Ubuntu and trying to understand
what grub is doing . . . I guess I am not doing a very good job of it.
Anyway thank you Derek.

> If all you want to do is switch between KDE & Gnome, I hope you know that
> you can simply install Ubuntu, then kubuntu-desktop on top of it, or
> Kubuntu and ubuntu-desktop, and then select either KDE or Gnome from
> --
> derek
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