firefox and dapper after april on LTS

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Thu Feb 15 01:04:19 UTC 2007

Bry Paula Melvin <brymelvin at> writes:

> Looking toward the future I see Firefox1.5 will no longer be supported
> upstream as of April.
> For LTS users that will apparently leave Ubuntu without and Kubuntu
> with only konqueror supported for security updates (for a "free"
> browser: there is the Opera option)

I think you are making a dangerous and incorrect assumption here: 

You are assuming that the Mozilla Foundation terminating support for
Firefox 1.5 will result in Ubuntu containing an unsupported browser.

There are three other possibilities:

One is that the Ubuntu and/or Canonical teams will take over maintenance
of release 1.5 of Firefox.

One is that another, third party, team will take over maintenance.

The final option is that an update to the LTS release that includes a
newer (and supported) version of Firefox will be issued.

In other words: I think you are worried that the sky will fall on your
head -- when, as with other things, that is pretty unlikely to actually
happen with the Ubuntu/Canonical team behind the LTS release.

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