firefox and dapper after april on LTS

Bry Paula Melvin brymelvin at
Thu Feb 15 02:44:30 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 18:04, Daniel Pittman wrote:
> Bry Paula Melvin <brymelvin at> writes:
> > Looking toward the future I see Firefox1.5 will no longer be supported
> > upstream as of April.
> >
> > For LTS users that will apparently leave Ubuntu without and Kubuntu
> > with only konqueror supported for security updates (for a "free"
> > browser: there is the Opera option)
> I think you are making a dangerous and incorrect assumption here:

Not making any assumptions. logic and questioning:
Once support is stopped (april) upstream security testers will begin to ignore 
it and thus even if ubuntu wanted to their maintenance might be ineffective 
because someone has to FIND flaws -preferably before they are exploited. As 
606 is to be supported to 2009 this would seem to be long after security 
firms quit paying attention,

> You are assuming that the Mozilla Foundation terminating support for
> Firefox 1.5 will result in Ubuntu containing an unsupported browser.
> There are three other possibilities:
> One is that the Ubuntu and/or Canonical teams will take over maintenance
> of release 1.5 of Firefox.
may not be effective
> One is that another, third party, team will take over maintenance.

possible but unlikely, 

> The final option is that an update to the LTS release that includes a
> newer (and supported) version of Firefox will be issued.
ISTR previous comments on this subject  at which it was pointed out that you 
could use the targz from Mozilla ...true for pc Already have installed FF2 on 
the pcs. 
This might be something no one else has looked at yet.

They want business and small business to use LTS...good...LTS is a good start 
for those that are not hobbiests, I'm looking at what I need to change in my 
small business over the next 60 days. Whether I need to ween people off 
firefox...or compile it and test it myself as there IS no ppc targz for 2.x.

Or whether on ppc LTS I just take a chance on safety through obscurity,

> In other words: I think you are worried that the sky will fall on your
> head -- when, as with other things, that is pretty unlikely to actually
> happen with the Ubuntu/Canonical team behind the LTS release.

No No sky falling in...but just looking ahead. As a small business we have no 
intention of using anything but LTS versions,(so no edgy or fiesty) and as 
this is the first LTS there is no track record to look at. And planning ahead 
is usually adviseable. So is questioning things. I used to have a sign on my 
desk saying "Piss poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency 
on our part."  Thus the questioning 6 weeks in advance. :-)

I thought there is a possibility that someone on this list may be privy to the 
plans regarding this item as the issue becomes a factor in 6 weeks,

If need be I'll do it from source myself,as I have for another item (hplip) 
but I'd prefer spending my time producing the paintings my business sells 
prints of :-)


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