Yet another kmail mystery

Donn donn.ingle at
Wed Feb 14 09:08:04 UTC 2007

Hello again,
It seems most of my questions relate to kmail... This one might not be kmail's 
fault at all. Here it is:
I have gmail pop setup in kmail so that I can manage things from kmail and not 
via a browser. I also have another email addy with my ISP. When I 
press "Check Mail In" (or when it does it every 10 minutes) it works most of 
the time. 
Sometimes the "gmail in" step will stop with the little progress bar (on the 
bottom right) showing 100%. It will stay like this for hours. Sometimes, when 
I'm busy, I won't notice this and a whole day goes past with seemingly no 
email. When I go to kmail and cancel the "gmail in" process (from the control 
at bottom right) and then press the "check mail in" button it will suddenly 
see many messages and start fetching them. This happens a lot overnight.

None of this happens with the local pop ISP email address.

What could be causing this infinite loop as kmail seemingly pauses endlessly 
or cannot disconnect from gmail? And is there a way to force kmail to cancel 
a "check in" if it does not finish after a few minutes?


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