Yet another kmail mystery

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Wed Feb 14 09:35:38 UTC 2007

Donn wrote:
> Hello again,
> It seems most of my questions relate to kmail... This one might not be kmail's 
> fault at all. Here it is:
> I have gmail pop setup in kmail so that I can manage things from kmail and not 
> via a browser. I also have another email addy with my ISP. When I 
> press "Check Mail In" (or when it does it every 10 minutes) it works most of 
> the time. 
> Sometimes the "gmail in" step will stop with the little progress bar (on the 
> bottom right) showing 100%. It will stay like this for hours. Sometimes, when 
> I'm busy, I won't notice this and a whole day goes past with seemingly no 
> email. When I go to kmail and cancel the "gmail in" process (from the control 
> at bottom right) and then press the "check mail in" button it will suddenly 
> see many messages and start fetching them. This happens a lot overnight.
> None of this happens with the local pop ISP email address.
> What could be causing this infinite loop as kmail seemingly pauses endlessly 
> or cannot disconnect from gmail? And is there a way to force kmail to cancel 
> a "check in" if it does not finish after a few minutes?

I have seen something like this now and then, mail retrieval gets 
"stuck" but can't confirm if it is only gmail or secure POP or other 
accounts. I have 5 accounts to separate things such as personal, 
professional and mailing-list subscriptions etc. Will see next time I 
get "stuck" if I can confirm.


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