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Kaj Haulrich kaj at haulrich.net
Tue Feb 13 22:39:55 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 13 February 2007 22:31, Chris wrote:
> So, I recently started to use Kubuntu on a dualboot with my XP
> drive.
> I would REALLY like to remove just about everything but WoW from
> my XP drive and run from Kubuntu for the most part, but I am
> still stuck with my media on my windows drive...
> I wanted to get an external to store everything, and was
> wondering if linux could safely write to say a fat32 drive? If I
> could have a drive able to be edited by both linux and windows,
> my problems would be over and I could, say, synch my ipod through
> Amarok instead of stupid iTunes. I mean, I may be able to now,
> since amarok sees all my music files, but I am guessing the path
> name would have changed and so I would probably end up
> accidentally wiping the ipod. Not something I am willing to do
> yet ;)

I use an external hard drive (Maxtor) 80GB for exactly that.  It 
holds 3 FAT32 partitions and works flawlessly.  I don't know if the 
32GB limit still is necessary, but some sources claim that Winders 
can't allocate more than that. So, just in case...

Kaj Haulrich.
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