Clay Weber claydoh at
Tue Feb 13 01:41:25 UTC 2007

candcruth wrote:
> is there help out there for someone who knows nothing
> about kubuntu. i have used windows. i have loaded kubuntu 606lts on 
> another computer. my son-in-law loaded
> it for me. i have managed to get on internst, but cannot
> get e-mail to work. i seem to have k-mail and kontact
> are they the same.
> thanks fredupwithmircosoft
Kontact is the PIM program, sort of like Outlook. Kmail is a part of 
that, but it can be run on its own (without the calendar, etc)

The "trick" to kmail is to make sure you have set up an identity first.
What specifically have you done in terms of setup?
Here are some setup tutorials that may help you:  (this looks older 
but its very close - don't let the language in the pics bother you))

Thunderbird mail/Evolution are not installed by default, but can easily 
be obtained via "Add/Remove Programs". All 3 are nice, it just boils 
down to personal preferences

Clay Weber

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