Kubuntu has taken over my dual boot ...

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Feb 12 14:04:36 UTC 2007

David Love wrote:

> Would some kind person explain to me how I can get back to normal, so
> that I have a choice of whether to boot SuSE 10.2, Kubuntu, or
> WindowsXP?  Not too technical, please.  In case it is of assistance, I
> copy menu.lst below.

Somebody else has told you what to do to fix the immediate problem, but to
prevent it happening again when next a kernel update is installed in
Kubuntu, be move any stanzas that did not get put in the problem menu.list
AFTER this line:


The stuff between the DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC lines is created automatically by
update-grub (or maybe it was grub-update) which is executed whenever a new
kernel is installed by apt.  One trusts that your original SuSE stanzas
weren't entered that way, because it would mean update-grub has broken
somehow.  It doesn't look as if they were, though, as they don't have the
same kernel options.

Warning - just copying your old menu.lst will likely break things, because
you almost certainly now have a different Ubuntu kernel.  You want to make
sure you have the SuSE & Windows stanzas from the old menu.lst, and the
Ubuntu ones from the new file.

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