Kubuntu has taken over my dual boot ...

Vayu vayu at sklinks.com
Sun Feb 11 10:29:22 UTC 2007

David Love wrote:
> I have a multi-boot system - SuSE 10.2, Kubuntu 6.00, WindowsXP.  GRUB 
> was configured with the choices as shown.
> Yesterday I booted into Kubuntu, downloaded some updates, browsed the 
> internet, etc., and then did a restart, intending to boot into WindowsXP 
> to work on my genealogy program.
> To my horror, GRUB showed options for Kubuntu only!  I thought that, 
> perhaps, a shutdown and restart would solve the problem but it didn't. 
> Yeah! I know I'm naive - I'm a geriatric trying to come to terms with 
> Linux, too :-)
> I understand that menu.lst controls Grub and I have this (or is it a 
> copy?) in my Home directory.  Opening this shows the order of booting as 
> it should be.  But perhaps the menu.lst that is acted upon is somewhere 
> else.  I just do not know.

The menu.lst file goes in the /boot/grub directory. You'll have to use 
sudo to copy it over there.

backup what you've got:
sudo cp /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst.sav

then copy the backup in your home directory to the grub directory:
sudo cp ~/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst

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