Help Wanted: Kubuntu Gurus needed for Documentation

Nathan Eckenrode nathan at
Mon Feb 12 05:24:34 UTC 2007

On Saturday 10 February 2007 10:26:16 pm Rich Johnson wrote:
Top posting just to say, I'd love to help- point me to where I can begin 
working on the configuring your desktop documentation.
> Hey everyone,
> Some of you may know me and some of you may not. My name is Rich Johnson,
> aka nixternal. Currently one of my main tasks for Kubuntu 7.04 Feisty is to
> overhaul the Kubuntu documentation that gets installed with Kubuntu.
> Some of you may have used the help system provided with KDE and Kubuntu
> known as KHelpCenter. Everything under the Kubuntu section is maintained by
> the Ubuntu Documentation Project of which I am a part of. I have finished
> the gaming section and I am currently working on the Internet and
> Networking sections. The sections that need help are:
>  * Adding applications
>  * Configuring the desktop
>  * Multimedia (Music, Videos and Photo editing)
>  * Office (
>  * Printing
>  * Programming
>  * New to Kubuntu (basic concepts, partitioning, and such)
>  * Extra odds and ends
> What I am looking for is someone who can simply write clear and precise
> instructions in English. If you know DocBook XML and Subversion that is an
> added bonus. You can simply provide some content either in plain text,
>, KWord, or whatever you want really, as long as I can read
> it and manually convert it to DocBook. If you know any of the sections well
> that I have listed and have a little time within the next couple of weeks,
> we could definitely use the help. You can look at this as a way of
> contributing back to the community and using this on your membership
> resume, as well as getting me to support you as well anyway that I can. I
> appreciate any and all help. If you are interested, you can email me
> personally instead of flooding the help mailing list, or catch me on IRC. I
> am always in #ubuntu-doc and many other channels. If I don't respond to you
> typing a message to me or saying my name in the channel, don't worry, I
> should be back around shortly.
> Thanks everyone!

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