Today's New Kernel (Saturday 10th)

Felipe Figueiredo philsf at
Sun Feb 11 16:43:36 UTC 2007

On Saturday 10 February 2007 04:32:25 anthony baldwin wrote:

> >
> Opa, gave the wrong url...
> Café Pilão, o Café Forte do Brasil!

My favorite brand. Cheers. ;)
If heard stories of that black thing people call coffee in the US. According 
to a local McDonald's McCoffee shop's attendant, the recipe for what is 
called here (in Brazil) as "american coffee" is half coffe and half hot 
water. Come on! That's tea, not coffee! ;)

Now to get back on topic... 

For security updates, you have to know the urgency of the update for your 
needs. Read the USN (Ubuntu Security Notice USN-416-1          February 01, 
2007) and check if you are vulnerable for  every local and remote exploits. 

There are several DoS issues fixed in this update, so you might loose even 
more work-time if you are vulnerable, right? If you still want to wait (and 
impotant jobs tend to pressure that way), make sure nobody but you even sits 
by your PC, and it's disconnected (and well protected by a firewall).


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