Not enthused with the convergence of the live and install CDs

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> Actually, my signature block does show where I live. I just left out the
> street
> address. Nepean was a city legislated into a shotgun marriage with the
> city of
> Ottawa. Until the post office says it's gone, that's where I still live. I
> suggested a fellow Canadian on the list because because COD as a means of
> paying
> something back to cover expenses is easy to do when you're in the same
> country.
> Cross-border is a different case all together.
> I seem to be caught in a no-win situation here. Dialup instead of high
> speed,
> and the removeable media drives on my machine are 3.5" floppy and
> CD-writer. I
> watch my movies on the television or at the theatre so I have, up to now,
> felt
> no pressing need or desire to add a dvd drive to my system.
> --
> Brian Lunergan
> Nepean, Ontario
> Canada
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Sorry for the country part... gmail had your signature hidden...
As you're from Canada, I can't help you (Germany is a bit far off ... )
There probably is a Linux or Unix User Group in Nepean/Ottawa or at least a
University where someone might be able to help you ... Just a thought...
Good Luck!

Philipp Bieber

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