Linspire and KDE

ac "aec$news" at
Fri Feb 9 16:40:09 UTC 2007

James Heaver wrote:
> Hey,
>   I've read the news about the linspire/ubuntu collaboration and, 
> personally am all for it.  CNR, at the very least, looks like a 
> fantastic way to discover programs and functionality even if you then go 
> and install the packages using aptitude.  And obviously more distros 
> based on ubuntu means more developer time feeding into ubuntu.
> What I'm wondering though, is whether this will have any greater effect 
> on kubuntu since linspire is KDE based.  Will this collaboration open up 
> any greater functionality that can be ported from linspire to kubuntu? 
> Can we expect to see any aspects of linspire to feed into kubuntu 
> specifically? (Also what aspects of linspire are there, I've only ever 
> really used ubuntu)

I have only ever really used kubuntu, and the kde environment is 
fairly full and comfortable anyway.
I doubt if the linspire connection will show any change to this 
environment, just to some available facilities, and many unseen 
implications - like many more novices jumping in to linux happily, and 
maybe walmart etc selling linspire PCs.

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