Linspire and KDE

James Heaver james at
Fri Feb 9 09:59:45 UTC 2007

  I've read the news about the linspire/ubuntu collaboration and, personally
am all for it.  CNR, at the very least, looks like a fantastic way to
discover programs and functionality even if you then go and install the
packages using aptitude.  And obviously more distros based on ubuntu means
more developer time feeding into ubuntu.

What I'm wondering though, is whether this will have any greater effect on
kubuntu since linspire is KDE based.  Will this collaboration open up any
greater functionality that can be ported from linspire to kubuntu?

Can we expect to see any aspects of linspire to feed into kubuntu
specifically? (Also what aspects of linspire are there, I've only ever
really used ubuntu)

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