tool used to download packages?

Graham gct3 at
Thu Feb 8 11:21:33 UTC 2007

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 09:20:34 +0100
Joe Hart <j.hart at> wrote:

> I'm not one of the developers, but I can say why automatix and 
> easy-ubuntu are frowned upon by so many.  They install software from 
> third party repositories.  They also use apt-get, which while a fine 
> tool, does not track the dependencies that get installed, so removing 
> the apps will not remove the dependencies.

That's not strictly true.  Automatix2 cetainly uses third party
repositories, but you can get these added to your sources list by first
running it, do not install anything, then quit the program.  Hey
presto, your sources list now have in it the repositories used by
Automatix2. You can edit any one out of your sources list

Use aptitude rather than apt-get for installing apps, as the tracking
is better (and recommended by Debian).  However, its not the
repositories that people want, its the apps, and to be more sure of the
repositories holding the apps you want, you have to learn about pinning.

And then, sometimes I do not want to dependencies removed as they are
used by other apps I do need, so this is a clear case of preferring to
use apt-get.

I don't like the Adept interface and use Synaptic instead, but I
presume you could use either to see what dependencies are used by a
particular application and then decide whether to remove it or not on
the command line.

Remember its YOUR computer and in the Linux world you can add/delete
anything you want from it, but always remember that if you want them to
be certain of them working, stay with the stable release of any distro.


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