tool used to download packages?

Joe Hart j.hart at
Thu Feb 8 08:20:34 UTC 2007

Andy Harrison wrote:
>>> deb edgy main
>> That, in itself, voids your warranty :-)
> People sure seem to hate that app, I keep bumping into posts from
> people saying negative things about it.  I just used it to for nvidia
> drivers, media codecs, and some fonts.  It seemed to work fine.

I'm not one of the developers, but I can say why automatix and 
easy-ubuntu are frowned upon by so many.  They install software from 
third party repositories.  They also use apt-get, which while a fine 
tool, does not track the dependencies that get installed, so removing 
the apps will not remove the dependencies.

Another item of note is that if you install something from the normal 
repos, such as superkaramba, it does not register in automatix that 
you've installed it.  Automatix only tracks what it installs.

Remember however, that it's YOUR computer.  You can install, compile, 
remove or rewrite almost anything you want.  That's FOSS.  Just don't go 
looking for support from the staff if you do any of those things.  It's 
not really their fault.

It is very hard to diagnose problems if the system changes beyond the 
scope of the staff.  Compiling your own kernel, which is a highly 
recommended thing to do, will void any support contract.


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