Ubuntu & Linspire

Joe Hart j.hart at orange.nl
Thu Feb 8 19:58:46 UTC 2007

Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Wow, lots of broad statements there.... I always thought the beauty of
> Ubuntu was that all the command line stuff, the "hardcore", is still there
> and one can use it if he/she wants to or if one is closer to a "newbie"
> then he/she can use the graphical options to change/update/configure their
> system.

Well, yes and no.  Take a look at this:


They explain (sort of) how to do it right after they say it will void 
any contract you have for support.  All "hardcore" users know that 
compiling your own kernel is the best way to tune your system to your 
own hardware.  Why do I need floppy support, parallel port, serial port, 
bluetooth, pcmcia, etc. if my computer doesn't have, or use them?  Why 
is there a 'restricted modules' in the first place?  Sudo/Root?  Wacom 
devices in xorg.conf?  There are many 'strange' ways of doing things in 

Don't get me wrong.  Kubuntu is a fine distribution.  It's just not what 
I have decided is best for me.  I have learned a lot in the last year, 
and I have learned that with *ubuntu I don't have as much control as I 
would like.  I will miss the community.  There are many fine people on 
this list and in the forums and irc channels.  I might continue to visit 
on occasion.  I can always run *buntu in a VM, until it isn't free anymore.

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