Kubuntu Edgy amd64 bit (not for me)

Joe Hart j.hart at orange.nl
Thu Feb 8 18:32:27 GMT 2007

You can fix the plugins by installing a 32bit version of firefox. 
There's a very good howto on ubuntuforums written by Kilz.  It was 
written for Dapper, but I'm pretty sure it applies to Edgy as well.

Jiri Dvorak wrote:
>> Is that processor 64bit?  I thought the Athlon's were still 32 bit Procs,
>> and the Turion's were the 64 bit.  Interesting.
>> I was thinking of downloading Edgy's Alternate CD for 64bit and installing
>> it on my HP DV9000z, AMD64 Turion TL-60.  I discovered through Debian that
>> you have to install using the noapic kernel switch, and then update to the
>> 2.6.18 kernel and run the iommu=off switch.  Or at least that's how its
>> working on Debian Etch right now.
>> Is anyone else running 64bit on Kubuntu Edgy?
> yes, running the 64bit Kubuntu Edgy on a Toshiba Notebook with
> Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Runs fine so far, only annoyance are the
> missing firefox/mozilla browser plugins under 64bit.
> Jiri

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