LCD Monitor recommendations

Vayu vayu at
Thu Feb 8 03:46:00 UTC 2007

J. Stewart Schneider wrote:
> On 2/7/07, *Vayu* <vayu at <mailto:vayu at>> wrote:
>     Get an nVidia 6200 video card for $50.  Then set up xorg the right
>     way.
>     I've got three machines with 1680x1050 working very well.
> I'm a hardware idiot. A guy's offering me a nVidia GeForce 7300 GS, 
> 256MB DDR2 PCI Express, though. Any experience with it and Kubuntu?
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That's a lot more card than the 6200.  I'm pretty sure nVidia uses the 
same drivers for all cards from a certain point on, so it's probably 
perfect.  You might want to search on the forums first though, because 
sometimes the newer cards have issues with the older drivers.  I've been 
using a 6200 and two 6600 GTs very successfully through several versions 
of nVidia drivers from Hoary, Breezy and Dapper.  They all have let me 
have 3D rendering and custom monitor resolution. 

Also take heed of another post on this thread and use a DVI output on 
the card and a DVI input on the monitor.  Analog tends to have ghosting 
on LCD monitors.  The card you mentioned should have DVI output.

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