Joe Hart j.hart at orange.nl
Wed Feb 7 08:08:33 UTC 2007

Jonathan Zeppettini wrote:
> I have to agree with your analysis, while these programs have filled a
> gap and perform useful functions relating to making Ubuntu more usable
> the ultimate goal should be to have these functions integrated into
> the OS so extra features that may be legally encumbered can be
> installed in a painless fashion that doesn't require third party
> tools. Whether that means including one of the programs [1] by default
> or independent initiatives such as Feisty's new easy codec
> installation [2] this seems to be the direction Ubuntu is moving.
> [1] EasyUbuntu or Automatix
> [2] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/easy-codec-installation

Well said.  Do I see pending lawsuits?  Specially:  libdvdcss, 
mssttfonts, and w32codecs are all big time legal questionmarks.

They SHOULD be easy to install, but installing them should warn you of 
the potential law infringement.  Most people have a legal right for the 
latter two because they already have a license for Windows if their 
computer came with it (and most do).  The former is totally illegal in 
the United States, and if the software police catch you....

The likelihood of that happening is virtually nil, but you never know 
what big brother is going to do.

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