Slightly OT: is free software development indirectly subsidized?

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Sat Feb 3 22:10:00 UTC 2007

I think this persons comment is not necessarily intended to be a put down of 
Free Software, but I do think it is one made in ignorance.  Sure, there are 
some institutions that subsidize Free Software projects, but they are few and 
far between.  I have no subsidy, yet that still doesn't stop me from 

Free Software started without such subsidy, it will continue without subsidy.  
Financial and infrastructure support is certainly important and helpful, but 
it is not impossible for development to continue in their absence.

On Saturday 03 February 2007 12:50, anthony baldwin wrote:
> On a list for translators, I´ve initiated a discussion of open source
> software in the industry.
> One gentleman made the following comment, and I am unsure what truth
> lies therein, nor how to respond.
> His comment:
> One question puzzles me: as far as I can tell, 'free software
> development' is indirectly subsidized by the universities or software
> companies that employ these developers during the day (so they can code
> for 'free' at night....)  Without these supporting institutions, free
> software would likely wither away, I think.  What do others think?
> /tony
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