Lexmark Z645 Printer

David Fletcher kubuntu-users at thefletchers.net
Sun Dec 2 11:54:33 GMT 2007

On Sunday 02 Dec 2007, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Sunday 02 December 2007, Donn wrote:
> > On Sunday 02 December 2007 06:00:37 D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> > > Want to borrow a sledge hammer?  Smashing Lexmark printers is really fun
> >
> > Hey - I once destroyed a Canon inkjet printer -- man oh man did I enjoy
> > that. I took my time and threw it at a wall. A few times :) Ah, the
> > memories.
> Good for you, Donnie.  That's the spirit man!

Same here - I would never, ever buy another Canon printer. After meekly 
following the instructions in the manual to purchase (at great expense) a new 
print head because that was what the error lights said it needed, the damned 
thing went wrong again in the same way a few months later.

Didn't exactly throw it at the wall, but I occasionally take a little pleasure 
by thinking of the thousands of tons of landfill that are sitting on top of 
it right now.

Some time later I replaced the DeskJet 693C (which is still working at the 
office) with an Epson Stylus Photo 950, which is built on the same principle 
as the Canon i.e. you only replace the ink and the print head stays in place 
for the life of the printer, but the Epson has been working fine for years, 
and still produces very nice photographic prints.

Quite a few Lexmark printers get offered on Freecycle.


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