numlock ON before logging in

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Sun Aug 19 17:54:30 UTC 2007

Hi Jack,

I'm glad I could help. And don't be astonished of missing the # sign, it 
happens very often. How do you think I thought of it? :)

Best regards,

>Hi Antonio,
>    I am always amazed in my ability to look at something and not see it. The 
># was in front of NumLock! *@!.*% Thanks - it works as expected now.
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>Hi Jack,
>The parameter should be NumLock=On
>Why? The reason is simple. In my case the Bios setup has numlock On on boot 
>but when the system switches to X (before KDE login) it switches numlock to 
>Off. That is what the utility numlockx is supposed to solve but as I 
>mentioned before I don't manage to make it work in kubuntu.
>So, if you choose Keep and X has turned it to Off it will stay Off. That's 
>it must be ON.
>Are you sure you saved the file after you edited it? Is the value spelled 
>correctly - On -, not ON or on?
>Perhaps you need to reboot afterwards in order for kdm to read it and accept 
>the new parameter.
>KDM has to read kdmrc when it starts, it's the config file so it should 
>as you asked.
>Just a final thought, open the K menu (down left icon), open system 
>configuration, click the keyboard/mouse icon and verify that numlock is on 
>(this should only affect the session, not the login, but who knows...).
>Best regards,
>PS - Just in case... I don't know how much you know of linux so don't take 
>this as an offense, but if there is a # sign at the beginning of the line 
>like this:
># Numlock=XXX
>You must erase the # sign, otherwise the line will be considered a comment 
>will be ignored.
>Hi Antonio,
>     Thanks for your insight. I tried what you suggested but it didn't work 
>for me. Shouldn't "Keep" be set to Keep is On prior to "Keep" - do not 
>change, rather than setting NumLock to On and then leaving NumLock=Keep?

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