MP£ Players and Kubuntu

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Fri Aug 17 12:30:51 UTC 2007

Graham wrote:
> I had an mp3/mp4 player bought for me that connected via the usb port.
> However, I was unable to get any of my mp3s downloaded on to it so they
> would play.  I thought that this was probably because of a faulty
> product, so I looked around for an mp3 player.
> I managed to get one that was advertised as having Samsung-based
> innards.  It worked a bit better: some of my mp3s downloaded on to it,
> but they wouldn't play.  So.....
> I have now got an mp3 player that takes SD cards and plays mp3s from
> them.  The cards save (almost) all mp3s I want, but the player doesn't
> recognise them as being on the disks.
> Just to make things clear, I've used 3 different makes of SD card and
> used a wide variety of headphones which I do know work.
> Could this be due to some strange incompatibility between Windows and
> Linux formats in the hardware recognition of the tracks?  If so, how do
> I record and play mp3s in my mp3 player using Kubuntu?

You need to right click on the [desktop] icon (for the player) and 'Safely 
Remove', and also to *actually_wait* until it has finished copying your songs - 
*do_make_sure* that it has *finished* before removing the player (either a 
flashing red/green light or an animated 'something' depending on the type of MP3/4 
player) sometimes it can take quite a while depending on how many songs you are 
copying over.



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