Automatix2 - reasons not to use it

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at
Tue Aug 7 22:58:56 UTC 2007

> You could also install Ubuntu+Automatix under VM Ware, Virtualbox, etc,
> environment and collect also these addresses there. Then you could install
> fresh version without Automatix and with modified sources.list at your way.
> You can also store that sources.list in somewhere web page to get it if
> needed. I do so and it's quite comfortable. I also keep bash and other
> configuration files in web, separated in different folders dependent of
> versions of Ubuntu.

It seems like this is a quite complex work around to get something that is 
supposedly geared to novices to work properly.  I would bet if a person knew 
how to setup all of the above, he really doesn't need automatix. 
Self-critiquing argument?  Anyways just my take on this.


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