Automatix2 - reasons not to use it

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Sun Aug 5 11:14:43 UTC 2007

> The problem with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, et al, is that a complete novice
> doesn't fully understand the concept of software libre and so can't
> understand why basic tools provided in other operating systems are not
> included in these.

Hmmm.... in fresh installed Windows you cannot open/create PDF, play .ogg etc. but Linux does. It 
seems like Linux has more possibilites at fresh install than Windows does. Other OS-es I don't know. 
I think that porprietary formats are problem anywhere but Microsoft just fighting against F/LOSS and 
therefore don't support these formats and Windows has its own formats.

>  The Easyubuntu project seems to have died (there's
> no version available for Feisty, for example)

I've installed that Easyubuntu current version in Feisty and it worked. Yes, I read, that this is 
meant for dapper and edgy users but I just tried and it worked. Sometimes you need not to choose 
everything at once but each tab separately. Check the boxes at one tab, install them and then go to 
the next tab. It seems to bug and hopefully in future fixed.

> However, it did add the
> Automatix repositories to my sources.list file so now I keep a copy of
> this so it can be added to a new install and the packages set up
> through aptitude or synaptic.  Then I hose Automatix.

You could also install Ubuntu+Automatix under VM Ware, Virtualbox, etc, environment and collect also 
these addresses there. Then you could install fresh version without Automatix and with modified 
sources.list at your way. You can also store that sources.list in somewhere web page to get it if 
needed. I do so and it's quite comfortable. I also keep bash and other configuration files in web, 
separated in different folders dependent of versions of Ubuntu.

> This seems to me to be its only real advantage.  If it worked safely it
> would be great, but as the Livejournal blog entry states, it doesn't
> work safely.  And this is just the type of tool that the novice needs.

I actually would suggest to give a try to Easyubuntu. You could do this under virtual machine, so 
your real working environment will be safe. If you satisfied with result, then you can do it in your 
real machine.

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