Backup part 2

Ron Morse rbmorse at
Tue Aug 7 19:02:38 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-08-07 at 19:39 +0100, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> Thanks for all the help regarding backing up my hard drive. It seems
> that the best option is an external hard-drive. Having searched around
> the internet, there are so many to choose from Sigh.
> Once I have bought the drive, are there any recommendations as to how
> to best use it please? Which program for example.
I've had good experience with the Seagate externals.  They now come
bundled with a back-up application. It is a WinAPP, but if you have both
Windows and Kubuntu on your machine, or if the utility sets up the USB
drive as a bootable drive, it may be all you need. 

Ron Morse

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