Desktop Icons for mounts not showing :(

Adam McGreggor lists at
Thu Aug 2 15:35:21 BST 2007


Just subscribed to this list having been on ubuntu-users and
ubuntu-servers for some time. I've skimmed the archive for similar
problems, but didn't see anything in the last 7months, so forgive me if
it's already been mentioned.

Running into a little annoyance: I can't get icons for NFS mounts to
show on the desktop.

Annoyingly, I can't work out where things are going wrong (these
new-fangled *graphical* things!)

With nfs mounts working fine through their points; (I've tried with fstab
entries, and mount(8) on the command line
I've selected 'Mounted NFS Share' in 'Desktop Configure' / Behaviour / 
Device Icons -- but, the icons still aren't showing up on my desktop, 
as they should; I can't see anything unexpected in ~/Desktop/.directory

Any thoughts on how to get the icons to show?

Is there somewhere else I should be looking? -- changing
~/.kde/share/config/kdesktoprc's [Media] section doesn't have any

(I've tried on fresh unadulterated kubuntu installs, updates from edgy
-> feisty, updated boxen since hoary/warty, but still not getting



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