Kubuntu hoses Windows on HP Pavilion A810n

Douglas Phillipson douglas at intermind.net
Wed Aug 1 01:32:34 UTC 2007

Greg Booth wrote:

>      >
>      > Is the windows partition a basic NTFS partition or is it the more
>     advanced
>      > dynamic volume ? If it's dynamic I think you're in trouble, it
>     really doesn't
>      > like sharing space.
>      >
>      > Greg
>     I believe it is jut NTFS.
>     Doug P
> Not good, have you booted up the live disc and taken a look at the 
> partition table there to see what's up ?

I used BootItNG to resize the NTFS partition.  There is a 7mb Fat32 
partition.  I installed Kubuntu, it booted fine but Windows would not 
boot.  Then I just tried to reset the MBR with BootItNG, which I have 
done a dozen imes before on other PC's, and it restored Windows fully, 
but not now.  Even the (F10) Restore System key doesn't work.  Has it 
now become dangerous to install Linux?

Doug P

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