Kubuntu hoses Windows on HP Pavilion A810n

Douglas Phillipson douglas at intermind.net
Wed Aug 1 02:03:02 UTC 2007

>> Not good, have you booted up the live disc and taken a look at the 
>> partition table there to see what's up ?
> I used BootItNG to resize the NTFS partition.  There is a 7mb Fat32 
> partition.  I installed Kubuntu, it booted fine but Windows would not 
> boot.  Then I just tried to reset the MBR with BootItNG, which I have 
> done a dozen imes before on other PC's, and it restored Windows fully, 
> but not now.  Even the (F10) Restore System key doesn't work.  Has it 
> now become dangerous to install Linux?
> Doug P

Adn of course you no longer get recovery CD's anymore.  I have installed 
dozens of Kubuntu systems safely in the past, My level of confidence 
that I would not hose someones Windows installation has now been shattered!

Doug P

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