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It annoys me thoroughly that the class that I am taking in Access only wants assignments submitted in Microsoft formats.  I have to do the assignment in Open Office dbase and then recopy it in Access.

Luke Knowles <sonoftheclayr at gmail.com> wrote:  I agree with you. I only use .doc files because I know that some developer spent hours reverse-engineering that format for me and others to use and I don't want to go and no use it.
My school also has Dreamweaver and Photoshop and such installed on most of the computers and half of the computers with XP are incapable of running it, even though they would run Kubuntu (Xubuntu would be faster) beautifully. 

Challenging the "industry standard" (I use quotes because M$ isn't) is great fun! I always complain about M$ at school and try to sell Linux as much as possible. I'm doing it now.

Anyway enough from me. 

  On 4/30/07, Roman Wissner <roman_wissner at gmx.net> wrote:  Mark Wallace wrote:
> The site you refer to is almost five years old.
>   The premise is also no longer true.   Open Office opens .doc files and I haven't seen too many problems in formatting.   It probably didn't in 2002.  It implies that Open Office isn't as versatile as it really is. 

I didn't actually want to start a discussion about this, but these are
the reasons for doing so:
I think that Microsoft Office documents best viewed using MS Office;
when I try to open them in OpenOffice I can read them but they will look 
slightly different to what they should look like. That's why there are
special formats designed to look the same regardless of the platform
(e.g. PDF).
Secondly, accepting word documents requires software that can read word 
documents. Since MS could change the document format relatively easily
with a new release this might lead to a period where we can't read the
attachments. I think it's better be on the safe side as far as that is 
Additionally, I don't agree with a some things the FSF says but I do
think that we should challenge the view that there is only Windows/MS
Office out there.

Anyway, that's just my (probably slightly paranoid) opinion on these 
things. Maybe it's because I'm young and think that there might be a way
that Linux and other open source software might be recognized one day
(PCs with a choice of operating systems sold at PC World; free formats 
for documents, etc; people making informed decisions about their
software [my school has the full MS Office packet, Macromedia
Dreamweaver etc, but most about half of our Sixth Form computers are
physically broken - surely there must be better way to invest that 

Respectfully Yours,
Roman Wissner
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