Cannot access local LAN/Router

Ron Morse rbmorse at
Fri Apr 27 17:58:19 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-27 at 19:43 +0200, Marcus wrote:
> For some reason I cannot access local IPs, e.g. my ADSL router on 
> Cannot ping them even. I took the Guarddog firewall off 
> and it made no difference, unless there could be somewhere else 
> blocking access? I can access the internet.
> However, I can access local IPs with a Knoppix CD, or a Puppy Linux CD. 
> The problem seems to be my Kubuntu setup.
> Running Dapper. Anybody know what config changes might help?
Are you sure your router is at  What brand? 

I had a D-Link that lived at, for example, and damn near
went sterile when I installed a Belkin that defaulted to 

Ron Morse

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