latest feisty kernel can't see hda

Howard Coles dhcolesj at
Fri Apr 27 18:26:00 BST 2007

On 4/27/07, John L Fjellstad <john-ubuntu at> wrote:
> "Howard Coles Jr." <dhcolesj at> writes:
> > I say you think because the system may have gotten it wrong, :-O.
> >
> > anyway, under /dev/.udev/names you should find the UUID directories.
> > they look sorta like:
> > "disk%2fby-uuid%2fe9901e75-4a18-4665-bcef-0ec47ff12100"
> > check your fstab file to see what drive/partition should be what UUID.
> You can also just use the /sbin/vol_id utility

But, would that work if you can't boot the system?  I was trying to
come up with a way to check UUID consistency with what udev was
thinking verses what the fstab said, using a rescue cd/dvd.

I forgot about the plain old /dev/disk/by-uuid, but then again I was
thinking of udev for some reason.

And, like someone else said, not EVERY thing has gone "sd", an older,
or even some recent ide controllers still show up as "hd"

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